5 Ways of Bonding with your Dog!

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We know that a strong bond with your dog can go a long way! That’s why we have prepared a list of 5 Ways to Bond with your Dog!
Dogs are pack animals. This means that they will naturally bond with those who are in their pack – in particular, the alpha!
So how do we bond with our dog in a way that breeds love and loyalty, as well as in a way that puts you in charge of the pack?


The Pet Care Centre Bonding Tip #1 – Affection!

Dogs are natural people pleasers – they love to do the right thing and make you happy! They love to be cuddled and played with as this is not only fun for them, but it indicates that they are being “good boys”. The best way to bond with your new dog is by regularly showing it affection by cuddling and playing with it. The best time to do this is when your dog is doing some good behaviour (e.g. when it is not barking, or not jumping up on you) as this will train it to continue exhibiting those behaviours. Remember, this also works in reverse! If your pet is showing negative behaviour traits such as whining, crying, showing anxiety, barking etc. – you do not want to praise it through cuddling as this will teach it to repeat those behaviours.

The Pet Care Centre Bonding Tip #2 – Quality one-on-one time

Dogs love to do activities with their humans! This can include car journeys, walks, runs, or trips to the local dog park. It will be a natural organic bonding moment where you are both playful. Your dog will feel cared for and exhilarated from the outdoor stimulation. You will be their best friend for taking them out and about with you. A deep love will form on both sides. Having quiet time will be a form of meditation for you both!

The Pet Care Centre Bonding Tip #3 – Create a regular feeding pattern

Feeding your dog is one of the main ways to show your dog who the alpha is! Dogs are naturally inclined to bond with those who are providing them with tasty meals and will similarly view this person as the alpha for providing the food.

The Pet Care Centre Bonding Tip #4 – Training

Training your dog is a great way to create a bond with your pet as well as show it that you are the alpha. No one likes a badly-behaved dog and people warm towards dogs that do as they are told as they feel safe with them. It will beat the defiant moments and troublesome times that owners complain about. It’s a win win as you get to feel proud of your dog and the dog has guidelines and boundaries. Such an important bond that even when correcting your dog, you are becoming closer.

The Pet Care Centre Bonding Tip #5 – Learn to read your dog

Learning your dog’s body language is a tricky one and comes over time but it’s a bond that is vital for long lasting relationships. Take note of their facial and bond expressions that indicate stress and you will be able to prevent any stressful situations that may arise.

And there you have it! Go and get bonding with your new bonding techniques up your sleeve!