Step By Step Guide To Bringing Home A Puppy

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We know that bringing home a new puppy for the first time is a mixed bag of excitement and nerves! That’s why we have created this step-by-step guide for bringing me a new puppy!

It’s such an exciting time – you’ve picked out the furbaby you want and you’ve set a date to go pick the little guy up! However, before the big day rolls around, you need to set up a few things at home first.

So how do you set up your home for a new puppy? What possibly can a four-legged tiny furbaby need?

Just love, a blanket and some food, right? Nope, it’s a little more complicated these days but that’s the fun part! You get to go out and choose all of the new gear for your little four-legged friend! The Pet Care Centre team have prepared an easy-to-follow, 5-step process for making sure you are over-prepared for the big day!

Let’s begin!

Step 1:

First, make sure that your outdoor area is fully fenced, and little legs cannot get under any areas that we miss! It’s very important to know that the outdoor areas are enclosed, and no larger animals can get in (or little ones out). Be wary of any sharp or spiky objects and dangerous plants within your garden. As your dog is only young, its immune system is not fully developed so be cautious of anything that may harm your little guy in the early few weeks!

Step 2:

Make sure that areas you don’t want the puppy to access are completely “closed off” in the house. We don’t want the new lounge chewed or the latest rug wee-ed on! Make an area that is for the puppy – this will become their environment. Most people have an outdoor and indoor area, like the laundry. This is a safe place puppy feels calm in and will hopefully relax and sleep in when you are out or not able to be with them.

Step 3:

Purchases…. the fun part. You will need a large shopping bag as its costly to bring a puppy into the house! Bowls, lead, collar, wee mats, food, bedding, blankets and of course toys (especially chew toys to help with the painful teething!). A kennel may be needed for the outside and a cozy soft bed for the inside would be very welcoming.

Step 4:

Give Doggy Daycare a go once your puppy has all its vaccinations early socialisation is the key. This is a must as you will be socialising your puppy and training yourself to know how to correctly teach the puppy the rights and wrongs involved in walking, sitting, behaviour around noise, pack walking, off lead retrieval, drop and generally good manners around other dogs! It’s a costly commitment but essential in the first two years of a puppy’s life. That’s when they are in their most formative years and it’s a fabulous bonding experience for you two!

Step 5:

Enjoy puppy and make sure you have fabulous memories and take heaps of photos of the fun times!